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A Lightweight Approach to Network Positioning

Meridian Data Description

Thank you for your interest in the Meridian data set. This is the Internet latency data set we used in our SIGCOMM 2005 paper.

We performed node to node latency measurements between 2500x2500 nodes between May 5-13 2004 using the King measurement technique. We created the list of sites to measure by walking the DMOZ and Yahoo directories to yield 593160 website names and randomly picking entries from this set. The King-style measurements reflect the latency between the DNS servers serving these names. Each measurement was repeated 10 times. Measurements were randomized and spaced apart in time to ensure that they do not experience biases due to queuing delays at the DNS servers. The latency matrix reflects the median of the round-trip times. The data file is arranged as an upper triangular matrix, with the first two values indicating the coordinates and the last one containing the node to node latency in microseconds.

You might find other Internet latency data sets through our related work page.

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