Thank you for your interest in Credence. This is Credence Version 1.4, released on January 19, 2006.

Windows Installer 9MB self-extracting Windows executable (needs Java 1.4 or above), without source code
Linux Binary 5.5MB zip archive for Linux (needs Java 1.4 or above), without source code
Source Archive 7.3MB Sources (cross-platform).

We have implemented a fully-functioning prototype of the Credence system as an add-on to the open source LimeWire project. LimeWire is a commercial product with an open source core written in Java, and runs on the Gnutella network.

Our complete software is made publicly available under an open-source license.

Version History

Credence 1.4, Released January 19, 2006. More powerful voting system, faster startup, and more informative search results.
Credence 1.3.1, Released July 11, 2005. Includes additional skins.
Credence 1.3.0, Released June 22, 2005. Improved ratings, interface, and compatibility.
Credence 1.2.1, Released April 26, 2005. Faster startup.
Credence 1.2.0, Released March 25, 2005. Improved user interface.
Credence 1.1.0, Released March 20, 2005. Key distribution fix.
Credence 1.0.0, Released March 15, 2005. Initial release.

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