Up-to-date tuition and fees for the Master of Engineering Program can be found here

The Department of Computer Science does not offer financial aid to M.Eng students. We do not offer full time Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships or fellowships.

Funding is the sole responsibility of the student. Historically, students have financed their studies through family money, assumption of loans, corporate or government sponsorship or by obtaining an outside fellowship.

We have a limited number of  GTRS (Graduate Teaching/Research Specialist) positions (this is a MEng level TA position,) each semester however, these are generally awarded to students with previous Cornell course staff experience. All students are considered for any available positions and will be notified approximately one month before the start of each semester of any offers. We discourage all students from assuming they will be awarded a GTRS and warn that they are in no way guaranteed from one semester to the next.

GTRS postions carry a stipend which is paid bi-monthly over the semester in equal installments. No tuition award are included in the GTRS appointment.

The Graduate School offers information on outside fellowship opportunities and where they can be found. Visit the "Fellowships" page for information.

Domestic students can apply for federally subsidized loans by completing a FAFSA form available here www.fafsa.ed.gov

Additional information on shcolarship and other funding resources is available through the College of Engineering can be found here: COE MEng Finanical Aid