This page is a reference document for the runtime classes in Swift.

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Table of Contents

  1. interface Principal
  2. interface Closure

Interface Principal

public interface Principal

The interface to a dynamic principal


String{this} name()
boolean{this; p; this<-} delegatesTo(principal p)

p -

boolean equals(Principal p)
boolean{authPrf; closure; lb; *lb; executeNow; this; this<-} isAuthorized{this<-}(Object authPrf, Closure[this, lb] closure, label lb, boolean executeNow) where authority (this)

authPrf -

closure -

lb -

executeNow -

ActsForProof{this; p; this<-; p<-} findProofUpto{this<-}(Principal p, Object searchState)

p -

searchState -

ActsForProof{this; q; q<-; this<-} findProofDownto{this<-}(Principal q, Object searchState)

q -

searchState -

Interface Closure

public interface Closure[principal P, label L] authority(P)


Object{L} invoke{L}() where caller(P)