Dan Jenkins

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate field advisor: to computer science majors in the Department of Computer Science, at Cornell University.

Provide academic advice to CS majors in both the Arts & Science and Engineering Colleges. Including field and college requirements as well as career planning/placement services. Serve as primary liason for professional placement and recruiting.

Program administrator: design and maintain program Web sites providing information for faculty, students and other interested parties; help develope programs which foster informal student/faculty interactions; develop and maintain fellowship opportunities for undergraduates (via corporate funding and private gifts); admissions decisions (incoming majors and new transfer students); certify fulfillment of graduation requirements; advise undergraduate student association; supervise office staff and course administration; propose and administer budgets for undergraduate program, special events and student organization.

Link to other members of the undergraduate staff.

255-0982 (Office Line and Appointments)

255-9220 (Direct Line)

email: jenkins@cs.cornell.edu

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