Insight Through Computing
A MATLAB Introduction to Computational Science and Engineering


MatTV is a series of short videos—from 3 to 9 minutes each—that cover specific Matlab language features and programming tools. In general the videos review and demonstrate Matlab language syntax. We will continually update and add videos, so this is a work-in-progress.

The Code and Data section lists all the scripts, NEW Live Scripts, functions and data files referenced in the book. You can download individual files or all the files as one zip file.

What? The book isn't perfect?! It's true, so please look at the Errata section to see the corrections. If you think that you have found an error in the book, please email us to let us know. Thanks!

We will post slides and additional exercises that instructors may find useful in the Resources for Instructors section. Stay tuned.

Charles Van Loan
Daisy Fan