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Powerpoint slides that we have developed are given here, organized by programming topics:

Basics Variables and assignment, built-in functions, script, comments, input, formatting output
Introduction to Conditionals Boolean expression, the if-else construct, logical operators
Iteration The idea of repetition, the for-loop construct
More on Conditionals Nested ifs, multiple alternatives, elseif, top-down design
More on the for-loop Using the loop variable, developing for-loop solutions
Iteration with while-loop How the while-loop works, developing while-loop solutions
Review Iteration Using Graphics More practice with for-loop and while-loop, introduce graphics
The Discrete vs. the Continuous Finite arithmetic, more practice with iteration and conditionals
Plotting Continuous Functions linspace, array operations
User-Defined Functions Input parameters, local variables, output values
More on Functions Specification, input parameter list, output parameter list
More on Arrays Square bracket notation, subscripts, plotting and color
Still More on Arrays Functions with array parameters, row and column vectors
Strings Characters and strings: operations, built-in functions, ASCII arithmetic
Cell Arrays Set-up, subscripting, nested loops, string manipulations
Structures Simple structures, structure arrays, structure with array fields
Two-Dimensional Arrays Set-up, rows and columns subscripting, operations, examples
More on Two-Dimensional Arrays Operations, subscripting, functions with 2-d arrays as parameters, boolean-valued functions
Still More on Two-Dimensional Arrays connections to cell arrays, structure arrays, and character arrays
Working with Data Files Reading from and writing to a file, file functions, built-in function sort
Working with Image Files Type uint8, functions imread, imwrite, imshow, rgb2gray
Working with Image Files, Cont'd Filtering noise, edge detection
Working with SoundFiles Functions wavread, wavwrite, sound
Working with SoundFiles, Cont'd Frequency computations, touchtone phones
Divide and Conquer Algorithms Binary search, merge sort, mesh generation, recursion
Sensitivity Analysis Congressional apportionment, sensitiviy analysis
PageRank Google PageRank
Design Parameters Optimizing gear ratio distribution on a bicycle
Sorting 1-dimensional arrays Bubble sort, insertion sort