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8/94 - 5/00 Cornell University Ithaca, NY

Ph.D. in Computer Science with minor in Applied Mathematics

  • Advisor:     Keshav Pingali
  • Thesis:       Symbolic Program Transformation for Numerical Codes
M.S. in Computer Science
  • GPA:         4.09 out of 4.00
8/90 - 5/94 University of California Berkeley, CA

B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude

  • GPA:         3.82 out of 4.00
  • GRE:         2280   (Math: 800   Verbal: 680   Analytical: 800)
  • SAT:          1490   (Math: 800   Verbal: 690)
6/98 - 9/98 Silicon Graphics, Inc. Mountain View, CA

Engineering Intern

  • Investigated cache performance of dynamically allocated memory on MIPS architecture.  Designed and implemented general-purpose profile and feedback tool included in next release of SGI MIPSpro compiler.
5/96 - 8/96 Intel Microcomputer Research Labs Santa Clara, CA

Engineering Intern

  • Studied and implemented different code size reduction strategies for Merced/IA64 programs.  Developed tool to analyze and reschedule instructions in IA64 binaries to reduce code size.  Made recommendations to Intel architecture and compiler groups.
1/95 - 5/98 Cornell University Ithaca, NY

Teaching Assistant

  • Assisted in instruction of courses from introductory programming to graduate compilers.  Presented lectures, led discussions, and met with students one on one.
6/93 - 5/94 Geoworks Berkeley, CA

Engineering Intern

  • Added double-byte support for international version of GEOS operating system.  Designed and implemented front-end input driver interface with Japanese engineers from Toshiba.  
6/92 - 8/92 Abbott Laboratories North Chicago, IL

Engineering Intern
1/98 - MAJIC Programming Environment
  • Collaborated with researchers at University of Illinois to develop MAJIC just-in-time compiler/ interpreter for MATLAB programming language.  Researched and implemented general performance optimizations in a MATLAB setting.
6/95 - 12/97 Bernoulli Sparse Compiler
  • Assisted in development of compiler to generate efficient sparse matrix codes from high-level specifications
8/95 - 12/97 MultiMATLAB Toolkit
  • Designed and implemented MultiMATLAB distributed programming toolkit in use at research institutions and companies.
1/95 - 5/95 Fault Tolerant Replicated Web Server
  • With other students, designed and implemented a fault tolerant, replicated, distributed web server using the Horus toolkit.  Enhanced the CERN web server and the NCSA Mosaic browser as part of this work.
  Vijay Menon, Keshav Pingali. A Case for Source-Level Transformations in MATLAB. In The 2nd Conference on Domain-Specific Languages. The USENIX Association. Austin, Texas.  October, 1999.

Vijay Menon, Keshav Pingali. High-Level Semantic Optimization of Numerical Codes. In the 1999 ACM Conference on Supercomputing.  ACM SIGARCH. Rhodes, Greece. June, 1999.

Vijay Menon, Anne Trefethen. MultiMATLAB: Integrating MATLAB with High-Performance Parallel Computing. In Supercomputing 1997. IEEE Computing and ACM SIGARCH. San Jose, California. November, 1997.
5/95 Cornell Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
8/94 - 5/97 Cornell Computer Science Field Scholarship
5/94 DoD Graduate Fellowship Honorable Mention
5/92 Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society
11/91 ACM Region Programming Contest - 2nd Place
11/90 E. F. Kraft Scholarship for Top 100 Berkeley Freshmen
                                         References available upon request.