Auditory User Interfaces

Toward the Speaking Computer

T.V. Raman
Advanced Technology Group, Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA, USA

Auditory User Interfaces: Toward the Speaking Computer describes a speech-enabling approach that separates computation from the user interface and integrates speech into the human-computer interaction. The Auditory User Interface (AUI) works directly with the computational core of the application, the same as the Graphical User Interface.


Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston
Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-9984-6
August 1997, 168 pp.
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To My Guiding Eyes, Aster
Aster Labrador

Foreword by David Gries

In his award-winning Ph.D.thesis some three years ago, T.V.Raman described a computing system, called AsTeR, for rendering electronic documents aurally. Instead of having to read documents on a monitor or on paper, one can now listen to them. In fact, AsTeR's spoken math is far easier to understand than yours or mine. Moreover, the listener can browse the spoken document and have parts of it repeated ---even in a different speaking style. AsTeR allows the usually passive listener to become an active participant in the understanding of an aural rendering of a document.

Now, Raman has dramatically extended his ideas on talking computers. Continued

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