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Auditory User Interfaces --List Of Tables

Table 2.1
Predefined voices on the Dectalk family of synthesizers. The various voice control parameters are set to provide a set of well-designed voices ranging from a standard male voice to a standard female voice.
Table 2.2
Voice synthesis parameters in formant synthesis. The Dectalk family of formant synthesizers provide a large number of voice control parameters that can be used to manipulate and adjust the speaking voice.
Table 4.1
Basic speech services provided by Emacspeak. These are used to speech-enable the electronic desktop.
Table 4.2
Standard dimensions making up a speech style. These provide a device-independent notation for expressing speech styles.
Table 4.3
Standard Voices Defined In Emacspeak. Using these predefined voices ensures a uniform sound and feel\/ throughout the audio desktop and makes designing consistent auditory feedback easy.
Table 4.4
Predefined auditory icons. Use of these results in a high level of consistency in the auditory feedback throughout the desktop and ensures a uniform sound and feel.
Table 5.1
List of ACSS parameters. These are chosen to allow user agents to control aural presentations on a wide range of auditory displays ranging from telephones to high-end home theater systems.

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