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Contact Information:

James Ezick
Department of Computer Science
Cornell University
(Interested in my resume?)

Office Address:
4139 Upson Hall
Ithaca, New York 14853
Email: ezick@cs.cornell.edu
Phone: (607) 255-4934

Home Address:
802 N. Cayuga St., Apt. 1
Ithaca, New York 14850-3673
Phone: (607) 272-7791
"Just four short blocks north of Uranus on the Sagan Planet Walk!"


Research Interests:

I am a doctoral student in Computer Science at Cornell University.  My advisor is  Keshav Pingali and I am a member of the Intelligent Software Systems Group.  My current research work is in software model checking with specific interests that include:

I am the architect of the Carnauba model checking system, an end-to-end system for model checking over context-sensitive analyses.

As part of my work I am also engaged in an ongoing collaboration with GrammaTech, Inc.  I have implemented a number of my ideas, including Carnauba, as plug-ins to CodeSurfer, their proprietary software analysis tool.

Prior to joining the ISS group I spent a year working with Dexter Kozen on Efficient Code Certification (ECC).


Application-Level Checkpointing (Cornell Checkpointing Compiler)

Model Checking over Context-Sensitive Analyses (Carnauba)

Interprocedural Program Analysis


I have taught courses for the Cornell University Department of Computer Science.

Other (Mostly) Professional Activities:

Personal and Fun:

Came the sixth, and here it was, that one special moment that you always
look for when Joe Frazier is in a fight. Most of his fights have shown
this: You can go so far into that desolate and dark place where the heart
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--Mark Kram on Joe Frazier,
1 October 1975

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