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When I came to Cornell as a graduate student in the Fall of 1997, the department's recreational ice hockey team was looking for a goalie.  I put skates on for the first time in my life on my 22nd birthday (which is why I now always try to wear #22).  For five years I played with that group and for three years I served as one of the group's organizers; a "hockey czar".  During that time I learned a lot about the sport and gained some competitive experience playing on the department's university intramural team and in the annual campus hockey tournament.

In 2002, I decided I wanted to "get serious" about trying to become a better goaltender.  That year I played in the Ithaca Adult Hockey Association, a self-organized group of a dozen or so teams that play each year throughout the fall and winter.

In 2003, I again played in that league, this time for Dempsey's - a team in the league's B/C division.  Despite a frustrating regular season, we did well in the playoffs advancing to the league's best-of-three championship series which we lost, two games to one.  As a self-improvement tool, I kept an analysis of every goal I gave up during that season.  That analysis is available here.  The games are recapped in reverse order, left and right are from my perspective.

While I am not a great athlete and only have limited time to devote to ice hockey, I love to play and always looking for ways to improve my game.

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The Stopper.

The Stopper is different.

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--Unknown, c. 1993

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