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Welcome to the Hunting genealogy web.  This web is primarily devoted to descendants of Elder John Hunting (1597-1690) who emigrated with his wife Hester/Esther Seaborn from England to Dedham, MA in the spring of 1638. It includes links to other Hunting web sites, Hunting genealogies and GEDCOM files, and Hunting source material.

I am very happy to accept contributions of all Hunting related materials. I do have facilities to scan documents and photographs (please make sure that these are either public domain or provided with appropriate copyright permissions) and make them available for download and viewing on the Web. You can email questions, comments, and contributions to

As for my own Hunting ancestry, my great-great-grandmother, Mariette Hunting (1835-1881), married Charles Wilbur Gould(1828-1917) in 1858 in Elgin, Illinois. I can provide at least some information on Mariette Hunting's ancestry as well.

I hope that this site can become a useful resource for researchers interested in Hunting genealogy and family history.

This web is run by Dean Blackmar Krafft, Director of Computing Facilities at the Computer Science Department at Cornell University.