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Here is an annotated bibliography of sources that provide information about the descendants and ancestors of Elder John Hunting. As always, contributions are welcome.

  • Anderson, Robert Charles, "The English Origin of John Hunting (1602-1689) of Dedham, Massachusetts", National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 78:2, p. 85-97, June 1990.

This is an excellent analysis of the available evidence on the English ancestry of John Hunting. It particularly illustrates the use of manorial records in determining relationships. It provides information on John's children and three generations of English ancestry.

  • Hill, Don Gleason, The Record of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, Transcribed from the Church Records in the Town of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1638-1845, publ. Dedham, Mass., 1888.

This volume includes a transcription of the records of the First Church of Dedham as kept by Rev. John Allin.  That portion is available on this web site and includes a description of the installation of John Hunting as Ruling Elder of the church. The remainder of the book has extensive vital records information on Huntings in Dedham, MA.

  • Hudson, Charles, History of the Town of Marlborough 1657-1861, Press of T.R. Marvin & Son, Boston, Mass., 1862.

This includes on page 402 a brief genealogy of the family of Samuel Hunting (1743-1816) who moved to Marlborough from Needham, Mass.

  • Huntting, T. D. (Teunis Dimon), The Hunting or Huntting Family in America, Brooklyn, New York, 1888.

This is probably the most complete Hunting genealogy in print. It lists 226 families starting with Elder John Hunting. Unfortunately, it includes no references and, for some families, very limited information about locations. The volume is 75 pages with 8 page index of Hunting surnamed entries, but no index of spouses. It is an excellent starting point, but it is, at times, both inaccurate and incomplete. Scanned page images of the full volume are available on this site.

  • Rattray, Jeannette Edwards, East Hampton History Including Genealogies of Early Families, Country Life Press, Garden City, NY, 1953.

This book provides an nine page genealogy of the descendants of Rev. Nathaniel Hunting (1675-1753) who settled in East Hampton, Long Island about 1698. It includes both East Hampton and Southampton lines. It also provides a nice history of East Hampton, mentioning a number of Huntings along the way.