Computer Graphics Seminar—Spring 2006

CS 718
Fridays, 12:15–1:15 pm
551 Rhodes Hall (PCG Conference Room)

The talks in the Graphics Seminar stem from current research, and they can be of various types:

Talks about research that is already written up and submitted are generally not allowed; you should present work in seminar when you are still ready to get feedback on it.

Schedule for Spring 2006

February 3 SIGGRAPH paper authors
Review of SIGGRAPH submissions
February 10 No Seminar
February 17 Ganesh Ramanarayanan
Objects, Distribution, and Structure for Texture Synthesis
February 24 Jon Kaldor
Modeling Cloth Mechanics for Visual Simulation
March 3 No Seminar—Visit Day
March 10 Adam Arbree
GPU Global Illumination
March 17 No Seminar—Dragon Day
March 24 No Seminar—Spring Break
March 31 Piti Irawan
Data-based Representations for BRDFs, SVBRDFs, and BTFs
April 7 Milos Hasan
Making GPU Programming Easier
April 14 Jon Moon
Hair Modeling Techniques
April 21 No Seminar
April 28 Jeff Wang
Recreating an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
May 5 No Seminar—Slope Day
May 12 Jeff Budsberg
Pigmented Colorants: Dependency on Media and Time

Previous semesters:

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