Computer Graphics Seminar

CS 718
Mondays, 3:30 - 4:45 pm
5126 Upson Hall

Last semester we had a good showing of students and staff talking about their research. Presentations could include:

Schedule for Fall 2003

September 8 Introduction
September 15 Kavita Bala
Shadow algorithms
September 22 Steve Marschner
Pre-computed Radiance Transfer
September 29 Jim Ferwerda
The tone reproduction problem in realistic imaging: Retrospect and Prospects
October 6 Bruce Walter
October 13 Fall Break. No seminar.
October 20 Mike Donikian
October 27 Steve Westin
Spherical Harmonics in Computer Graphics
November 3 Milos Hasan and Andy Scukanec
Visualization Framework for Implicitly Defined Objects and Liquid Animation
November 10 Henry Letterton
Soft shadow algorithms
November 17 Piti Irawan
Perceptually-based tone reproduction in HDR image streams
November 24 Ganesh Ramanarayanan
December 1 Seminar moved to next week
December 8 Sebastian Fernandez and Mike Donikian

Kavita Bala (