Sample Images for CS 664 - Computer Vision
Dan Huttenlocher
Fall 2003


Images for Assignment 2

These are the test images for Assignment 2, the image motion tracker.

Images for Assignment 1

Below you'll find images to use as test data for assignment 1, the stop sign detector. We recommend that you start with image set #1, which contains relatively easy images (i.e. the signs are prominent, parallel to the image plane of the camera, roughly uniform in size and orientation, etc.). We'll add another image set later that will be a little more challenging. Feel free to use your own images for testing as well.

All images are in .PPM format. The libraries recommended on the course web site support reading and writing .ppm files. The .ppm format is simple enough that you can also write your own I/O routines instead, if you wish. The cost of this simplicity is that .ppm files do not support compression and hence can be very large.

Note that a few of the test images do not contain stop signs. Running your algorithm on these images may help you identify potential false alarms (e.g. other objects that are incorrectly identified as stop signs by your program) and revise your object model accordingly.