CS664 Software and Libraries

To do the assignments, we recommend (but do not require) using the vision libraries available here. 

You can view p*m image files in unix using xv and in NT using wv (thank Walter Bell).

There is a shareware package called netpbm that supports conversion of p*m image files to many other formats and vice versa (useful if you want to print the images!). The package also has simple image processing utilities. If you are in the CS department, the package is already available. In the NT filesystem, go to \\raven\projects\CS664\netpbm. You can also download the NT version of netpbm here.


These libraries support manipulation of p*m image files. Documentation for the library is in the zip file for the windows version of the libraries. These libraries have many useful abstract data types such as images, lists, histograms and priority queues. 

Here are Unix versions of the libraries. (Info about compiling for OSX and perhaps other operating systems.)

Here are NT versions of the libraries.

If you get an error like :"The dynamic link library NTadt.dll could not be found in the specified path"    you should do the following:

  1. Add the directory location of NTadt.dll to your path.

  2. Place NTadt.dll in your build directory

  3. Place NTadt.dll in some directory that is already in your path like c:\winnt

The NT version of the libraries should also work under windows 9x.