From: Milo Polte
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 4:55 PM
To: Daniel Huttenlocher
Subject: Fixing lib-support to work on my OS X system.

While compiling the lib-support library using gcc, I found 
several problems which made compiling clarg difficult:

- restrict is now a keyword, but clarg.c uses it as a variable name. 
Renamed it to 'restricT'
-  and  should have been #included but were not.
- TRUE and FALSE were undefined.  I added definitions within #ifndef's 
in clarg.h

Also, I had the following problems with x-stuff.c and x-stuff.h:

- ulong was undefined on my system. Replaced with 'unsigned long'.

In imConv.c:
- float.h should be included

If anyone else is having similar problems on OS X or elsewhere, I could 
probably provide a patch.