Computer communication networks are considered as one of the most important and influential infrastructures that exist today (imagine what the world would be like if there were no Internet!). And yet, after 50 years of Internet success, communication networks continue to evolve in size, complexity and functionality with increasingly stringent demand on robustness, scalability, efficiency, flexibility and security.

This course provides a foundational view (read: its not a special topics course on networking, but rather a core graduate course with focus on breadth) on computer communication networks. The goal of this course is to provide students with a flavor of several advanced topics in computer networking that will allow them to perform high-quality research in the area.

This course will cover the core topics in computer networks:

This course will combine lectures, discussions on selected advanced research papers, and presentations by students on a subset of papers. Students will also work on either a research project or a detailed survey on one of the subtopics in computer networking.

Systems breadth requirements: This course satisfies the Breadth requirements for Systems area and Systems research styles.

Course Expectations: Read 1-2 papers every lecture, present 5-6 papers, work on a research project or an in-depth survey.

Instructor: Rachit Agarwal. The best way to reach Rachit is e-mail; see contact details.

Office hours: Wednesdays at 11AM-noon (or, by appointment).

Lectures: The class will meet every week on Monday and Wednesday between 2:55PM to 4:10PM at Upson Hall 102.