CS 6110 (Spring 2011)

Advanced Programming Languages
MWF 10:10-11:00
Phillips 213


This schedule is not set in stone. Changes will be announced in lecture and posted here. Please check back from time to time.

Readings key: W = Winskel, P = Pierce.

Date Topic Notes Reading Assignments
24 Jan Introduction notes
26 Jan λ-calculus, substitution notes P5.1,5.3
28 Jan λ-calculus reduction, confluence, and Church encodings notes
31 Jan Reduction Strategies and Equivalence notes P5.2
2 Feb Cornell closed due to weather (no class) HW1 out
3 Feb OCaml Recitation — 7:30pm in Upson B7 slides
4 Feb Recursion and fixed point combinators notes P5.2
7 Feb Structured Operational Semantics and IMP notes W2
9 Feb Well-founded induction notes W3.1-3.2
11 Feb Inductive definitions and least fixed points notes W3.3-3.5, W4
14 Feb Evaluation contexts notes
16 Feb Definitional Translation notes HW1 due
HW2 out
18 Feb FL and strong typing notes
21 Feb Naming and scope notes
23 Feb Recursive bindings and modules notes
25 Feb State and mutable variables notes
28 Feb Continuations notes
2 Mar Exceptions and first-class continuations notes HW2 due
4 Mar Compiling with continuations notes HW3 out
4 Mar FastTrack and Jumble:
Efficient and Precise Dynamic Detection of Data Races

Stephen Freund — 12pm in Upson 315
7 Mar PhD Open House (no class)
9 Mar Predicate Transformers notes W6.1-6.3
11 Mar Hoare Logic notes
W6.4-6.6, W7
14 Mar Denotational semantics of IMP notes W5
16 Mar The Fixed-Point Theorem notes W8
18 Mar Domain Constructions notes W8 HW3 due
21 Mar Spring break (no class)
23 Mar Spring break (no class)
25 Mar Spring break (no class)
28 Mar Review
30 Mar Preliminary Exam
1 Apr Denotational semantics for REC notes W9
4 Apr Scott's D-∞ construction notes W12 HW4 out
6 Apr Typed λ-calculus notes P9
8 Apr Type soundness notes P8
11 Apr Products, Sums, and Recursion notes P11
13 Apr Subtyping notes P15
15 Apr Algorithmic Subtyping and Type Inference notes P16, P22 HW4 due
18 Apr Polymorphism notes P23 HW5 out
20 Apr Strong normalization and logical relations notes P12
22 Apr Propositions as types notes P9.4
25 Apr Recursive types notes P20
27 Apr Equirecursive equality notes P21 HW5 due
HW6 out
29 Apr Existential types notes P24
2 May Object encodings paper P18, 24.2
4 May Monads notes Moggi
6 May Current Research in Programming Languages HW6 due
9 May Study Period (no class)
11 May Study Period (no class)
13 May Final Exam (2:00-4:30pm)
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