CS 5740 SP24

Time: MoWe 1:25PM - 2:40PM
Room: Bloomberg 131
Listing: CS 5740

Instructor: Yoav Artzi
Teaching assistant: Anne Wu and Omer Gul
Graders: Yi Chen, Young He, Vikranth Kanumuru, Subin Yun

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CS 5740: Natural Language Processing (Spring 2024)

This course constitutes an introduction to natural language processing (NLP), the goal of which is to enable computers to use human languages as input, output, or both. NLP is at the heart of many of todayโ€™s most exciting technological achievements, including machine translation, automatic conversational assistants and Internet search. The course will introduce core problems and methodologies in NLP, including machine learning, problem design, and evaluation methods.

From the Dallas Morning News