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cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context Class Reference

#include <CUOrderedNode.h>

Public Member Functions

 Context (OrderedNode *parent)
 Context (const Context &copy)
 ~Context ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool sortCompare (Context *a, Context *b)

Public Attributes

std::shared_ptr< SceneNodenode
std::shared_ptr< Scissorscissor
Affine2 transform
Color4 tint
Uint32 canonical

Detailed Description

A class storing the drawing context for the render queue.

The challenge with reordering a scene graph is that you have state on the stack that must be managed: the drawing transform, the tint color, and the scissor value. Normally these are managed by the call stack during a recursive call. To reorder rendering, we have to make this explicit.

This class is essentially a struct with a sort order.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Context() [1/2]

cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::Context ( OrderedNode parent)

Creates a drawing context with the given parent object

parentThe parent object for the inner class

◆ Context() [2/2]

cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::Context ( const Context copy)

Creates a copy of the given drawing context

copyThe drawing context to copy

◆ ~Context()

cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::~Context ( )

Deletes this drawing context, disposing of all resources.

Member Function Documentation

◆ sortCompare()

static bool cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::sortCompare ( Context a,
Context b 

Returns the value *a < *b

This function implements a sort order on drawing contexts and is used to sort the render queue.

aThe first (pointer) to compare
bThe first (pointer) to compare
the value *a < *b

Member Data Documentation

◆ canonical

Uint32 cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::canonical

The canonical order (for pre-order and post-order traversals)

◆ node

std::shared_ptr<SceneNode> cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::node

The node to be drawn at this step

◆ parent

OrderedNode* cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::parent

The parent of this inner class (as C++ does not have this Java feature)

◆ scissor

std::shared_ptr<Scissor> cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::scissor

The scissor value (possibly nullptr)

◆ tint

Color4 cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::tint

The tint color

◆ transform

Affine2 cugl::scene2::OrderedNode::Context::transform

The drawing transform

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