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cugl::scene2::FloatLayout::Entry Class Reference

#include <CUFloatLayout.h>

Public Attributes

long priority
float pad_left
float pad_right
float pad_top
float pad_bottom

Detailed Description

This inner class stores the layout information as a struct.

All padding values are absolute. That means they are specified in terms of Node coordinates.

Member Data Documentation

◆ pad_bottom

float cugl::scene2::FloatLayout::Entry::pad_bottom

The bottom padding

◆ pad_left

float cugl::scene2::FloatLayout::Entry::pad_left

The left side padding

◆ pad_right

float cugl::scene2::FloatLayout::Entry::pad_right

The right side padding

◆ pad_top

float cugl::scene2::FloatLayout::Entry::pad_top

The top padding

◆ priority

long cugl::scene2::FloatLayout::Entry::priority

The x offset from the anchor in absolute or relative units

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