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cugl::WidgetValue Class Reference

#include <CUWidgetValue.h>

Public Member Functions

 WidgetValue ()
 ~WidgetValue ()
bool init (const std::shared_ptr< JsonValue > json)
const std::shared_ptr< JsonValuegetJson () const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::shared_ptr< WidgetValuealloc (std::shared_ptr< JsonValue > json)

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr< JsonValuejson

Detailed Description

This class represents an externally defined widget that may be used within the scene graph JSON.

This class wraps a JsonValue for the purposes of safe dependency loading.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WidgetValue()

cugl::WidgetValue::WidgetValue ( )

Creates a null WidgetValue.

NEVER USE A CONSTRUCTOR WITH NEW. If you want to allocate an object on the heap, use one of the static constructors instead.

◆ ~WidgetValue()

cugl::WidgetValue::~WidgetValue ( )

Deletes this WidgetValue and all of its resources.

If no other references own the descendants of this node, they will all be recursively deleted as well.

Member Function Documentation

◆ alloc()

static std::shared_ptr< WidgetValue > cugl::WidgetValue::alloc ( std::shared_ptr< JsonValue json)

Returns a newly allocated WidgetValue to wrap the given JsonValue.

jsonThe JSON definition of this widget.
a newly allocated WidgetValue wrapping the provided JsonValue.

◆ getJson()

const std::shared_ptr< JsonValue > cugl::WidgetValue::getJson ( ) const

Returns the JsonValue representation of this widget.

a shared pointer to the JsonValue representation of this widget.

◆ init()

bool cugl::WidgetValue::init ( const std::shared_ptr< JsonValue json)

Initializes a new WidgetValue to wrap the give JsonValue.

This initializer simply wraps the provided JSON

jsonA shared pointer to JsonValue that defines this widget.
true if the JsonValue is not a nullptr, false otherwise.

Member Data Documentation

◆ json

std::shared_ptr<JsonValue> cugl::WidgetValue::json

The JSON entry representing this widget

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