Notice: Test 4 Handback

Test 4 is now available from the Handback Room.

Dates and times

The dates of the tests are given in the Schedule page and on the List of Assignments and Tests page. They take place during the class periods. These times are fixed. If you miss a test, there is no opportunity to retake it.


The tests are 40 minutes in length. Each test has two questions on material that has been covered in the video lectures, up to and including the lectures for the week of the test.

You are expected to have studied the video lectures before the tests. You may look at the course slides during the examination, but you are not permitted to watch or listen to the videos.

The following are allowed during the tests:

The following are not allowed during the tests:


In calculating the final grade, the grades on the best six questions will be used (out of the total of eight).

Past tests

Here are the completed tests from this year:

Here are examples of tests that have been set in previous years:

Return of tests and regrade requests

Return of tests

The graded tests will be returned in class, usually during the week following the date of the test. For the next ten days, any answer books not picked up in class can be picked up from Gates Hall 216, from 12:00 to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except during university breaks. You will need your Cornell ID and you will not be able to pick up an assignment for another student.

Regrade requests

If you think there is a grading error, you may request a regrade. To request a regrade, contact me after class, come to my office hours, or send me email.