This is a course on logic, from the point of view of Computer Science. The driving idea is to use CS background as a springboard to get deep into parts of logic by recasting them in CS terms. This is a CS course that shows how logic is an integral part of CS (AI, systems, program verification, programming languages), and CS recasts large parts of logic in its own terms: computability, specification, verification, model checking, intelligent systems, automated reasoning.

Topics covered include propositional calculi, predicate calculi, formal number theory, programming logics.


Christoph Kreitz
492 Rhodes Hall
Office Hours:
Thu 2:30-3:30pm
Assisted By:
Robert Constable

4147 Upson Hall
Office Hours:
By appointment only. Contact Melissa Totman: mtotman@cs.cornell.edu

Time: Tue/Thu 10:10-11:25am

Location: UPS 215




Final Exam

Friday - May 8
Malott 206
2 PM - 4 PM

Students may consult two pages of notes during the exam.

It will be possible to finish the exam in one hour,
but two hours are allotted.