Schedule and Lecture Notes

Here is a list of the lectures planned for the course. Note that topics are subject to change.

Date Topic Lecture Notes
Jan 25       What is Logic? .pdf
Part I: The Tableau Method for Propositional Logic
Jan 27 Valuations .pdf
Feb 1 Validity .pdf
Feb 3 Boolean Decision Diagrams .pdf
Feb 8 Analytic Tableaux .pdf
Feb 10 Consistency .pdf
Feb 15 Completeness .pdf
Feb 17 Compactness (Analytic Proofs) .pdf
Feb 22 Compactness (Lindenbaum's construction) .pdf
Part II: Alternative Proof Methods
Feb 24 From Analytic Tableaux to Gentzen Systems .pdf
Mar 1 From Gentzen Systems to Refinement Logic .pdf
Mar 3 Refinement Logic .pdf
Mar 8 Correctness and Completeness of Refinement Logic .pdf
Part III: First-Order Logic
Mar 10 Second Order Propositional Logic (Syntax, Substitution) .pdf
Mar 15 Second Order Propositional Logic (Semantics and Proof Rules) included in the above
Mar 17 First-Order Logic (Syntax and Semanctics) .pdf
Mar 22 No class (spring break)
Mar 24 No class (spring break)
Mar 29 First-Order Tableaux (Proof System) .pdf
Mar 31 First-Order Tableaux (Correctness and Completeness) .pdf
Apr 5 First-Order Logic (Undecidability and Compactness) .pdf
Part IV: Topics in Logic
Apr 7TBA
Apr 12Cancelled
Apr 14Encoding Mathematics in FOL.pdf
Apr 19Cancelled
Apr 21Reasoning about Security Policies (Vicky Weissman)
Apr 26Introduction to Modal LogicClass handout
Apr 28Hilbert-Style AxiomatizationsClass handout
May 3Modal Logic of Programs IClass handout
Apr 5Modal Logic of Programs IIClass handout