Mathematical Foundations for the Information Age

Instructor: Bobby Kleinberg, Gates Hall 317, email

Office Hours: Mondays 2:30–3:30pm; Wednesdays 10–11am

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Lectures: MWF 1:30–2:20pm, Gates G01    (exclusively on Zoom for first two weeks of class)

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Instructions for phone access here.

Lectures will be given live during this time and you are encouraged to attend. Lectures will also be recorded and available for asynchronous viewing. There will be links to the video+audio for each lecture on the schedule page, along with any notes or handouts associated with that lecture. The raw recordings will be available soon after the lecture, to be replaced by edited and closed-captioned versions as soon as they can be processed.

Zoom etiquette: If you attend the live lecture, please enable your camera. You may unmute and ask questions aloud at any time during the lecture. If you prefer to type your question in the chat window, a staff member will be monitoring the chat window and will either respond with an answer in the chat or will interrupt the instructor at an appropriate moment.

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We have plenty of room in the class, and will be able to enroll all interested students! Information about how to enroll in this course, and in particular about the waitlist, can be found here.

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