CS 3410 provides an introduction to computer organization, systems programming and the hardware/software interface. Topics include instruction sets, computer arithmetic, datapath design, data formats, addressing modes, memory hierarchies including caches and virtual memory, I/O devices, bus-based I/O systems, and multicore architectures. Students learn assembly language programming and design a pipelined RISC processor. The course is open to any undergraduate who has mastered the material in CS 2110.



Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:10-11:25 in Hollister Hall B14

Lab Sections

Please attend the Lab Section that you enrolled in. If you need to change Lab Sections, that is fine, but please do so officially on Student Center.

SectionDay Time TAs
207Tuesday 11:40-12:55 Miranda, Bridget, James
2061:25-2:40 Aditi, Jared, Jonathon, Melody S
2012:55-4:10 Charlie, Kyle, Rishab
208Wednesday 11:40-12:55 Kyle, Jason, Ransen, Alice
2121:25-2:40 Reuben, Danny, Vincent, Yi
203Thursday 11:40-12:55 Miranda, Celine, Christopher, Josh
2042:55-4:10 Charlie, Congzheng, Spandan
209Friday 11:40-12:55 Alice, Michael, Klinger, Luebbers
2052:55-4:10 Rishab, Melody L, Kevin, Alvin

All Lab Sections meet in the Carpenter Blue Room (104).

Prelims and Final Exam

Prelims are on September 27 and November 29 @ 7:30 pm in Ives 305.

Alternate Prelims are scheduled for the same day at 5:15pm. The alternate Prelim 1 is in Ives 105. The alternate Prelim 2 is in Ives 217. You do not need to email us to take the alternate exam time. You may not leave the alternate exam early for any reason.

If you need any accommodations for these exams, please contact Jenna Edwards. We are very happy to meet the needs of our students in this matter.

There is no written final exam. Your last project will be due December 7 @ 4:30 pm. This time is set by the university; there will be no extensions or late submissions allowed.