CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

Critique 1
Architecture & Visual Design

Your first critique is a presentation of your work from the most recent communication lab. A critique is type of presentation, but it is less formal than a release. Instead of presenting to the entire class (or a large part of the class), we pair you up with another group. You present your work to each other taking turns.

When you are not the presenter, you should make a serious effort to understand what the other team is presenting. Ask questions if you do not understand. Provide advice or feedback you think will be helpful.


We want you to bring your CRC cards for the critique. You will lay down these cards during the critique and explain your justification for your design. Be prepared to answer questions about classes that you may not have gotten around to thinking about yet.


Bring a collection of the most important inspiration assets (artwork, photos, and sound) that you have gathered so far. You do not need to assemble them into a document yet; we do not want to see any slides. We just want to see your initial ideas.