CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development


March 16th Review the Redesigned Website
January 17th Enroll in the ENGRC Companion Course
January 16th Course Textbook
January 16th Course Wait List

Review the Redesigned Website

This site has undergone an extensive redesign to reflect our new online reality. The Schedule page now reflects our plan for the rest of the semester. We have cut the course to its essentials to reflect the loss in instruction time. There are rumors that the semester will be extended a little, but I am working on the optimistic assumption that you all have internships to go to.

The most important thing about the Schedule page is that all of those items have now been converted to hot links. Office hour links take you to a Zoom sessions. Critiques, workshops, and presentations take you to the appropriate instruction. Use this page are your central HQ for the remainder of the course.

I have now posted the instructions for every assignment, presentation, document, and report left in the class. You can see these on the Labs and Assignments page. The labs are critiques and ENGRC labs. All of these will take place on the Discord server unless otherwise noted.

Finally, we have updated the Lectures page to separate the original in-class lectures from the online lectures. We do not have any online lectures yet. We expect to start posting those by the week of March 23.

Posted Monday, March 16th

Enroll in the ENGRC Companion Course

We have added an extra hour to the course to reflect the amount of work that you do for this course, particularly in the group work. This extra hour labelled as the course ENGRC 3152. All students must sign up for this course, even those that are not taking the course for Technical Writing credit. If you do not sign up for that course, you will be dropped from this course.

Posted Friday, January 17th

Course Textbook

There is a textbook for this course. The text is a "soft reference". We will assign reading from the text, and you should definitely own the text if you are serious about game design. With that said, you will never be tested on the textbook material.

If you are looking into a used version of the textbook. However, be aware that there are several editions. These editions differ only in the chapters that we do not use. Therefore, you may use any edition of this textbook as you wish as long as it is at least the 2nd edition.

Posted Thursday, January 16th

Course Wait List

Demand for this course this year greater than it has ever been. There were 250 applications, double that of previous years. We increased the size of the course from 72 to 96, but there are still a lot of people on the wait list. Preference was given to students actively working to complete the game design minor.

With that said, there are always more openings during the first two weeks of class. We historically get 5 or 6 drops in the first two weeks. If you received an e-mail telling you that you are on the wait list, feel free to come to the first day of class. We will have a better idea of openings at that time.

Posted Thursday, January 16th