CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

Communication Lab 12
Document Revisions

Document Revisions

Given the long break, you should now have all of your documents back. It is time to start thinking about revisions. We have detailed these in the instructions for the week. However, we would like to have a formal workshop in Discord so you can check in with us.

The purpose of this session is to give the TAs a chance to give you advice on your documents. Make use of the screen sharing feature to show your documents to the TAs. This is faster than having to go through the hassle of giving everyone permission on each document.

Revisiting Workflow

That absolute first thing you must do is revisit your workflow document. Who is still on the team? Who is switching from letter to S/U? Who needs to change roles on the team? Finally, how you are going to address missed deadlines in the new environment.

If there are any major changes to your team, call on a TA or instructor and give them a summary of what has happened. That way they can figure out whether your team needs some major help before the next release. More importantly, if the changes are significant that you need to renegotiate the scopeof your game, they can advise you what to do.

Revising Documents

The rest of the time should be spent revising your documents. You have four documents so far.

By now you should have received feedback on all four documents. Use this time to work on these documents with the team and to talk to the course staff about what you can do to address the problems we noted in earlier drafts.