Module Ephemeron.GenHashTable

module GenHashTable: sig .. end

Define a hash table on generic containers which have a notion of "death" and aliveness. If a binding is dead the hash table can automatically remove it.
type equal = 
| ETrue
| EFalse
| EDead (*
the container is dead
module MakeSeeded: 
functor (H : sig
type t 
type 'a container 
contains keys and the associated data
val hash : int -> t -> int
same as Hashtbl.SeededHashedType
val equal : 'a container ->
t -> Ephemeron.GenHashTable.equal
equality predicate used to compare a key with the one in a container. Can return EDead if the keys in the container are dead
val create : t ->
'a -> 'a container
create key data creates a container from some initials keys and one data
val get_key : 'a container ->
t option
get_key cont returns the keys if they are all alive
val get_data : 'a container -> 'a option
get_data cont return the data if it is alive
val set_key_data : 'a container ->
t -> 'a -> unit
set_key_data cont modify the key and data
val check_key : 'a container -> bool
check_key cont checks if all the keys contained in the data are alive
end) -> Ephemeron.SeededS with type key = H.t
Functor building an implementation of an hash table that use the container for keeping the information given