Computer Science 2802, Spring 2019: Lecture Notes

Note that the final version of the notes may differ from the preliminary version. I correct typos and add more details.

  • Introductory material (Final version): includes a course overview, how to do proofs, a little propositional logic, functions, relations, equivalence relations, transitive closure, bijections, different kinds of infinity
  • Induction (Final version)
  • Number Theory (Final version)
  • Combinatorics (Final version)
  • Probability (Final version)
  • Automata Theory (Final version)
  • Graph Theory (Final version)
  • Logic (Final version)

  • Here are the slides for the final lecture. (I covered only up to slide 11, and then said a few words about slides 14 and 15. If you're interested in this material, it's what I cover in my graduate course "Reasoning about Knowledge", although I suspect that I won't teach it again until academic year 2020-21 or 2021-22.)