All staff are listed in alphabetical order by role.


Michael Clarkson
mrc26, Gates 461
Ask me about: wine, video games, the pipe organ
Madeleine Udell
mru8, Rhodes 227
Ask me about: running, harp, pregnancy

PhD Teaching Assistants

Skyler "Sky" Seto
ss3349, Comstock 1173
Field: Statistics
Ask me about: badminton, video games
Antonio "Tony" Sirianni
ads334, Uris Hall 368
Field: Sociology
Ask me about: rowing, the Buffalo Bills

Undergraduate and Masters Teaching Assistants

Yang Guo
Major: Statistics, Economics
Ask me about: maps, outdoor activities
Charlene Luo
Major: ORIE
Ask me about: Volleyball, all things music, cooking
Lauren Sedita
Major: ORIE
Ask me about: studying abroad in London, Netflix TV shows
Anilkumar "Anil" Vadali
Major: CS
Ask me about: basketball, movies

Course Administrator

Amy Elser
ahf42, Gates 401