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Part 2: Vectorized logical operations

Module 2, part 1. Strings and cell-arrays.


No. Topic Discussion
1. Strings   Blecture   pdf   caps.m   toUpper.m

This blecture shows you how to work with strings as arrays of characters.

2. String functions   Read

This document lists some commonly used functions for working with character and strings.
Additional optional resource:
MATLAB online documentation on 'Characters and Strings'
(Also available in MATLAB by typing "doc;" and selecting "MATLAB → Programming → Data Types → Characters and Strings" on the left hand side menu.)

3. Cell arrays   Blecture   PDF   RomanNum.m

This blecture shows you how to create and use cell arrays, focusing on their use with strings.

4. Self-check exercise

A few exercises on manipulating, comparing and searching for patterns in strings, and producing cell arrays