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Part 3: Arrays     Part 5: Conditionals

Module 1, part 4. Scripts involving simple plots and I/O


No. Topic Description
1. Scripts   Blecture   plots1.m   plots2.m This blecture shows you how to write and run MATLAB scripts that make use of basic graphics functions.
Correction: More details on plots can be found in Chapman § 2.11, not Chapter 5 as stated in the blecture.
2. Input and screen output   Blecture   sec2hms.m   sec2hmsV2.m This blecture shows you how to use the input function and how to produce formatted output using fprintf.
3. Detail on output
Read Chapman § 1.3.2, 2.6
These sections list different ways to run a script and provide more options for format specifiers.
4. Self-check exercise Refer to Chapman § 2.11 for additional information on graphics commands