Dec 11. Here is last year's final and solution. Office hours next week: M(2;30-4:00), T(1:30-3:00), W(3:00-4:30)

Dec 11 A note about course grading. As advertised, the components of your grade are the challenge problems (8% counting the best tw0), Projects (42% counting the best six), Prelim 1 (15%), Prelim 2 (15%), and the final exam (20%). Suppose C contains your seven challenge prob scores and Proj contains your seven project scores. Then here is how the final course "score" is computed

C = sort(C,'descend');

C = sum(C(1:2))*10;

Proj = proj.*[1 4/3 4/3 4/3 1 1 1];    % Assignment 2, 3, and 4 were our of 15 points

Proj = sort(Proj,'descend');

Proj = sum(Proj(1:6))*(100/120);

Score = .08*C + .42*Proj + .15*Pre1 + .15*Pre2 + .20*Final;


Dec 2  Project 7 is available. It is pretty light and you should be able to get most of it done in Lab this Thursday.


The exam room door will be unlocked. You will only be able to access the building through the rightmost door from both the Eng. Quad and the entrance near carpenter hall. The basement entrance and the doors facing the Law school will be locked.

Nov 19 The center of population problem has been regraded to take into account that there was a typo on the handout that led to a faulty round-Earth longitude computation. Instead of-asin(x/R)/cos(theta_g)) it should have been -asin(x/(R*cos(theta_g))).

Nov 19 Project 6 is available

Nov 14: Prelim 2 solution guide.

Nov13. Sample Prelim2 from last year and the solution. Solutions for Project 5 are available.

Nov 6  Prelim 2 will be held 7:30-9:00pm, Thursday, November 14, in Upson 211.  There will be a review session 7:30-9:00pm Wednesday, November 13 in Upson B-17.

Nov 4. The Final exam will be staged at Wednesday, December 18, 7:00-9:30pm

Nov 4. Project 5 is available.

Nov 4. Prelim 2 will be held 7:30-9:00pm, Thursday, November 14. There will be a review session 7:30-9:00pm Wednesday, November 13. Rooms will be announced.

Oct 10. Prelim 1 is Thursday, October 17, 7:30-9:00pm, in Phillips 407.

Oct 10 There will be a Prelim 1 review session on Wednesday Oct 16, 7:30-9:00pm. in Thurston 205. Old exams to study from are here.

Oct 2. The final edition of the Project 3 handout is available. To help with the GUI problem, here is a working GUI that illustrates the use of push buttons and check boxes: ShowButtons.fig, ShowButtons.m. And here is one for radio buttons: ShowradioButtons.fig, ShowRadioButtons.m. They both require these six jpegs in the current directory: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

Sept 27. Project 3 is available, except the GUI problem. That will be set up by the end of next Monday.

Sept 25. Project 2 is graded. As mentioned in class, you can submit (or resubmit) the GUI problem as late as this Thursday (Sept 27) at 11pm. This will have to be done via email to me with the two files attached.

Sept 17 This coming Thursday will run a little differently because I have an out-of-town afternoon commitment. The lecture will revolve around the FlowerGUI problem. I will basically go over those features of GUIDE that you need to do the problem and I will also discuss how callback functions work. Should take about 40 minutes. There will be a lab as usual only I will not be there. I am hoping that you can help one another. I will have extra office hours on Friday to make up for the instructional shortfall.

Sept 17 The FlowerGUI files for the second project are available.

Sept 16  Project 1 is graded. Do not hesitate to ask (in person or by email ) for morefeedback  if you missed a problem. 

Sept 12 Project 2 is posted. The GUI  files will be ready no later than next Monday.

Sept 6. In the write-up of Challenge 1 we refer to Q_k as th ekth orbit point and its definition is clearly given but starting at the bottom of the page I mistaking call these points P_k. Moral: change all P_k 's to Q_k's and all should be well!

Sept 5. Project 1 is posted. Please download  the two gui files from here as I made a mistake in what I put in CMS. Also, when you upload your solutions to CMS as much as you want. Thus, if you upload P3 on Tuesday and develop a better implementation on Wednesday, you can upload again.

Sept 5.  Every section in FVL ends with a 'Talking Point". You are responsible for these in that a random subset of the questions you see listed in Appendix D will show up on exams.  I  suggest that you begin your browse of an FVL section by reading its Talking Point first. That way you know what the BIG PICTURE is all about before you get into the details.