Projects and Exams



Projects and Challenge Problems

Important: Be familiar with academic integrity as it applies to CS 1115.

Handout Given Scripts/Functions Solutions (Approx Mean Scores in Parens)
  Project 1  P3, PerimeterGUI.fig, PerimeterGUI.m   P1(4.9) P2 (4.8) P3 (4.7) C1 (4.1), PerimeterGUI.fig, PerimeterGUI.m (4.4)
  Project 2 DrawOct, DrawDisk, DrawFlower, ShowFlower FlowerGUI.fig FlowerGUI.m P1 (4.1) ,Tower (4.7) , C2Test, C2CVL1, C2CVL2, FlowerGUI.m, FlowerGUI.fig
  Project 3 ColorInterp, C3, ShowAveraging, UntangleGUI.fig, UntangleGUI.m P1, Intersect (4.2), P2, PolygonCrossing(3.8), UntangleGUI.fig, UntangleGUI.m (4.1), C3 (4.3)
   Project 4 ShowSudoku, ShowPoly IsingGUI.fig  IsingGUI.m  ShowPoly(3.9) ShowSudoku (4.5), C4Check, IsingGUI.fig, IsingGUI.m (4.7)
   Project 5 CornellSnow.jpg, SunBlue.jpg, CornellBear.jpg, CornellIthaca.jpg AddBorder, AddCorner, AddImage, rgb2mono, CenterOfPop, C5 
   Project 6 (7.5), ShowVolume, VolumeCVL(6.5), C6
   Project 7 Point, Circle, ShowNearInclude, ShowInAndOut, Triangle C7 ConvexPoly Triangle (20) , C7_test, ConvexPoly

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