Staff and communication channels

  • Questions about assignments and concepts can be asked in person during Office Hours (see below) or online on Piazza, an optional Q&A forum. The entire course staff collectively monitors Piazza, including
    • Mentor consultants: Calvin Chen, Doreen Gui, Jayansh Bhartiya, Jesse Phillips, Jonathan Chai, Joy Thean, Matthew Frucht, Shilpy Agarwal
    • Consultants: Alexia Ge, Ashley Granitto, Ben Manninen, Charlie Friedberg, Cora Wu, Crystal Wu, Diana Finkel, Emeka Ubakanma, Hantian Zhang, Helen Wang, Hodaya Propp, Irene Hung, Jack Rehmann, James Buzaid, James Meyers, Jenny Cao, Jude Javillo, Justin Williams, Justin Sun, Kathleen Xu, Kendall Lane, Kerry Johnson, Kevin Healy, Kevin Klaben, Linda He, Madalyn Redding, Michael Zhang, Natalie Isak, Pooja Gokhale, Samantha Liu, Sophie Keller, Tiffany Song, Vianca Hurtado, Vivienne Tenev, Zoltan Csaki, Dana Gonzalez, Fareeza Hasan, Iris Wang, Jacob Levy, Obinna Abii, Ruiqi Zhu, Zhifei Jin
  • For time sensitive matters or matters that are specific to you alone, please email cs1110-staff. This is the fastest way to get a response, as it goes straight to the inboxes of our grad TAs and head consultants.
    • Graduate TAs: Emily Chen, Nathaniel Diamond, Abdullah Islam, Ariel Kellison (Head TA), Se Yun Kim, Hannah (Hansol) Lee, Jun-You Liu, Pippen Wu
    • Head Consultants: Rhea Bansal, Kevin Cook, Will Xiao
  • For sensitive matters that must be handled exclusively by the instructor(s)/head TA, please email cs1110-prof or come to instructor office hours. Please do not email the instructor(s) personally; it is important to keep all 1110 communication in one place.
  • For certain specific matters explicitly mentioned in class or this website, you may need to contact the CS 1110 Administrative Assistant: Lacy Lucas (LSL92), Gates 401

Office Hours (Consulting Hours are a kind of office hour)

Remaining office hours are via the CMS 1:1 assignment

For both virtual consulting hours and virtual office hours: We are working on offering office hours for people in widely different time zones from Ithaca.
If you are able to access (requires Cornell GSuite signin): (instructions by Rhea Bansal and Will Xiao)

  1. Create a Zoom meeting and copy the meeting URL. It should be a link of the form
  2. Log into This is the site we will be using to manage the queue in virtual office hours.
  3. MAKE SURE you are in CS 1110 SP 2020. It should say “CS 1110” in the top left corner.
  4. Click “Join the Queue” on the appropriate office/consulting hour slot.
  5. The window that pops up should have four sections - Categories, Tags, Location, and Question. Non-obvious: You must fill them out in order - that is, you cannot fill out the later ones without filling out the previous ones first.
  6. Choose one category.
  7. Choose some tags from your chosen category. You must choose at least one for the next “Location” box to unlock. Screenshot (courtesy Will Xiao) where a category and tag has been chosen : screen shot of four sections shown by queumein
  8. When adding yourself to the queue, **COPY-PASTE YOUR ZOOM LINK IN THE LOCATION FIELD**
  9. In the Question box, add a brief explanation of what you’d like some help with.
  10. Click “Add My Question” to officially add yourself to the queue!
  11. Make sure that you start the meeting by the time a consultant comes to help you!
If you are not able to access
  1. Create a Zoom meeting and copy the meeting URL. It should be a link of the form
  2. Send an email to and specify in the subject: CS1110: Office Hours, [date of sending the email]
  3. In the body of the email please include the link to your Zoom meeting.
We will continuously check for requests and WILL answer the questions by timestamp.
Please do not both add yourself to and use the email route mentioned above; that will confuse us.

Also, you can book individual appointments with Professor Lee.
You can book individual appointments with Professor Fan.

We've now removed the calendar because the remaining office hours are on CMS as 1:1 assignments.