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in Olin 155

CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Spring 2016

The Labs

Labs/Sections are held (just about) every week and there is always a Lab Exercise that you work on. They are designed to help you understand the ideas behind the current assignment (which is graded for correctness and other things). Thus, the act of working on a Lab Exercise is the act of working on the current assignment.

The Lab Exercises are not graded for correctness, but on completion and your ability to explain your reasoning to whoever is checking your lab off.

By recording your Lab Exercise completions over the semester we have a record of your commitment to learning CS 1110 content.

The "checking off" can be done during the lab itself if you finish; it involves us swiping your Cornell ID card, so please bring it each time. If you need more time and/or help, then the Lab Exercise can be checked off by any CS 1110 consultant up to the close of consulting hours on the following Monday (typically 9:30pm). No exceptions and no checking off at the "next" lab.

You should try to finish the Lab Exercises before the Lab. This will leave time for essential questions and to work on the current assignment.

Problems labeled as "optional" in a Lab Exercise are not required for check-off. However, they are part of the course syllabus and should always be attempted.

Lab pdf Topic Reading Code Solution sketches
Lab 1 starting out   hello1.py solution notes (pdf)
Lab 2 more practice for A1 Syntax Error Handout Lab_2.zip solution notes (pdf)
Lab 3 more practice for A2 Lab_3.zip solution notes (pdf)
Lab 4 more practice for A3 ShowForGraphics.py SimpleGraphics.py ShowForGraphicsSol.py lab4_soln.txt
Lab 5 more practice for A4 Lab_5.zip solution notes (pdf)
No new lab No new lab exercise on Prelim 1 week - see announcements
Lab 6 more practice for A5 Lab_6.zip solution sketches (pdf)
Lab 7 Still more practice for A5 Lab_7.zip solutions (zip)
Lab 8 Dictionaries, classes Appendix to the lab 8 handout: common syntactic errors when working with classes Lab_8.zip solution notes (pdf)
Lab 9 More practice for A6   Lab09.zip solution code (zip)
No new lab exercise on Prelim 2 week - see announcements      
Lab 10 Practice for A7   Lab_10.zip solutions (pdf, written by TA Fujun Luan)
No new lab exercise on May 10-11 - see announcements      

Course Material Authors: D. Gries, L. Lee, S. Marschner, C. Van Loan & W. White (over the years)