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CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Spring 2016


Course Grade Computation

We first calculate a raw numerical score based on core points for assignments and exams:

Final 30%
Prelims 30%
Prelim 1 15%
Prelim 2 15%
Assignments 40%
Assignment 1 4%
Assignment 2 4%
Assignment 3 6%
Assignment 4 5%
Assignment 5 7%
Assignment 6 8%
Assignment 7 6%

A tentative letter grade is computed based on this score. This grade may be adjusted up or down one level (e.g., B+ to A- or B+ to B) based on your Lab Exercise completion record and other factors such as an upward trend in performance over the semester, interactions with the teaching staff, etc. Thus, grading is not entirely by formula. More than two incomplete Lab Exercises is likely to affect our thinking in borderline situations.

Exception, Spring 2016: Masters and PhD students do not attend or submit the labs, and so clearly labs are not a component of their grade determination.

Students Taking the Course S/U

We compute your grade as described above. If that grade is C- or higher, you receive an S. Otherwise, you receive a U.

Students Taking the Course for a Letter Grade

We do not announce the grade boundaries at the start of the semester. As the exams and and assignments change of the years, we often find that we need to adjust the grades to match the difficulty. Over the years the A cut-off has fluctuated between 91 and 88, while the B cut-off has fluctuated between 80 and 75. A typical distribution for final grades is 35% A, 35% B, 25% C, and 5% D or F. Again, no formulas or quotas. We will keep you informed about how you are doing during the semester.


If you feel that the graders have incorrectly graded an exam or an assignment, then you may request a regrade. You may do it one of two ways; either

Submit a regrade request online using the Course Management System (if possible).


In the case of written work, write down a statement explaining your case and give the work plus your exam or assignment to a professor in lecture. Put your name, netID, and time and location of your section on your statement, and staple it the front of your exam/written work. Our consideration of your regrade request will typically be handled offline (i.e., not in person).

Before submitting a regrade request, you should be aware of the CS 1110 policies.

  • We photocopy a random number of exams after grading to catch changes.
  • We regrade the entire submission from scratch.
  • Your grade may go up or down depending on the grading mistakes made.

Posted Grades

You can always see your grades online, on the CS Course Management System (CMS).

Exams and Exam Conflicts

The times for the prelims and final are given on this page. You must take every exam! CS 1110 does not offer alternative tests. If you have a legitimate conflict, you must notify us at least two weeks before the exam, following the procedures stated on the aforementioned page.

Course Material Authors: D. Gries, L. Lee, S. Marschner, C. Van Loan & W. White (over the years)