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CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Fall 2015


October 30th Assignments 5 and 6
October 15th Assignment 4
September 24th Assignments 1 & 2
September 7th Assignment 1 is Posted
August 12th No Serial Number/Device ID on your iClicker?
August 12th Register your iClicker, Even if Used
August 12th Textbook is available online

Assignments 5 and 6

We have posted both assignment 5 and assignment 6. Assignment 5 is a short written assignment, shorter than Assignment 2. It is primarily intended as practice for the exam. Assignment 6 is a much longer assignment and is due after the exam. However, we ask that you complete some of it before the exam as a way to study. See the assignment instructions for more information.

Posted Friday, October 30th

Assignment 4

The next assignment covers the material that we covered near the first prelim. This assignment takes a little longer than the previous assignment, but not signficantly longer. In addition, you have two full weeks to work on it. With that said, you want to get started as soon as possible.

Posted Thursday, October 15th

Assignments 1 & 2

Sunday is the day to submit the final version of your Assignment 1. If you are unsure about your assignment, you should submit at least once before then.

Sunday is also the deadline for the second assignment. You only get one chance to submit this assignment, so get it right the first time.

Posted Thursday, September 24th

Assignment 1 is Posted

The first assignment is now available. It is a due in a little over a week, on Thursday, September 17th. This is the first deadline for the assignment. You may be asked to revise the assignment several times after you submit it.

Posted Monday, September 7th

No Serial Number/Device ID on your iClicker?

The device number, needed to register the clicker, can be recovered by bringing your clicker to (a) the Academic Technology Center Room 123, Computing and Communications Center on the Ag Quad, open 9-5; (b) the ATC's G27 Stimson Hall office near Day Hall, open 12-5; or (c) Walker White's office hours.

Posted Wednesday, August 12th

Register your iClicker, Even if Used

To register your device, visit http://atcsupport.cit.cornell.edu/pollsrvc . You will login with your netID and password, and you will need the serial number, or device ID, of your clicker. The device id can be found on the back, perhaps near a "bar code". You may wish to put some invisible tape over the number or write it down somewhere, since the numbers can rub off.

Note that each individual student in CS1110 needs their own clicker. We will use the clickers in class for the first time on Thursday, August 27. It is important that you have a clicker and register it by that class.

Posted Wednesday, August 12th

Textbook is available online

The textbook that we are using, Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, is licensed under the Creative Commons. That means it is freely available online as either a PDF or an eBook. To get a copy, you should go to the author's webpage.

We realize that not everyone likes eBooks, and that some of you would still like to have a printed copy. For that reason, the campus store is selling a few copies of the print version should you want one.

Posted Wednesday, August 12th

Course Material Authors: D. Gries, L. Lee, S. Marschner, & W. White (over the years)