CS 1110 Introduction to Computing using Java    Fall 2010  
9367 TR 09:05 Hollister B14 Instructors: David Gries and Lillian Lee  
9369 TR 11:15 Hollister B14 Grade: letter or S/U.   Credits: 4

Alternatives to CS1110


CS1110 and CS1112 offer an introduction to computer programming concepts. The courses emphasize techniques of problem analysis and the development of algorithms and programs. CS1110 uses Java; CS1112 uses Matlab.

Neither course presumes previous programming experience. CS1112 requires a firm background in mathematics and at least one semester of calculus.

You may also take CS1114 (not given in Fall 2010), a fast-paced intro to computer science using camera-controlled robots. Take this version only if you have previous programming experience (in any programming language). Engineering students who take CS1114 will have to take the 1-credit course CS1130.

Refer to www.cs.cornell.edu/degreeprogs/ugrad/CSMajor/FirstCSCourse/index.htm for more information about these courses.


If you are shopping around for a "first course" to take in computer science, the CS department offers both programming and non-programming courses. Beside courses that involve a lot of programming, there are courses on web design; computing in the arts; cognitive science; visual imaging; and game design.

Two self-paced 1-credit courses, CS1130 and 1132, offer an introduction to object-oriented programming and Matlab for students who already know a programming language.

See www.cs.cornell.edu/degreeprogs/ugrad/CSMajor/FirstCSCourse/index.htm for more information about all these courses.