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5/10 W Be a CS100
Did you get help from the consultants this year and now want to help future students? Do you think you can make consulting more valuable? Consider becoming a CS100M consultant after you take CS211! (For exceptional candidates we might waive the CS211 requirement.) This is an opportunity to help others, augment your resume, and get paid! For more information on consulting, visit Laurie Buck in the CS UGrad Office, 303 Upson.
5/10 W Course grade We anticipate that grades will be available on CMS by the end of the final exam period. Grades will not be emailed. Official grades will be available on Just the Facts in the summer. You may view your final exam paper next semester. How, when, and where? Read the information on the Exams link.
5/10 W Functions
and methods
Here is the list of functions and methods that may be useful for the exam. This list will appear on the first page of the exam. You will not need all of them!
  • MATLAB: abs, mod, max, min, sum, rand, ceil, floor, zeros, ones, length, size
  • Java:
    Math class: abs, pow, random, floor, min, max
    System class: print, println
5/9 T P6 regrade request Please submit Project 6 regrade requests, if any, to a CS100 consultant in the Carpenter consulting area during the study break consulting hours. Last day is Wednesday 2-5pm. The regraded P6 paper will be available for pick-up at the final exam. (Other CS100M paper must be picked up during consulting by Wednesday--unclaimed paper will be shredded.)
5/2 T P6 update The second word question (method answerQ2 in class AutoRepairShop) asks how you might change two methods. The correct method names should be nextArrival and insertVehicle. (The first method name was incorrectly written as chooseVehicle in the original file.) You can just correct the name in the String in your file. Or if you wish you can download the corrected skeleton, posted at 1:20pm.
Course Evals The College of Engineering requires that course evaluations be done online. To complete the evaluation, visit the link below between 5/1 and 5/7. Students completing CourseEvals will be automatically entered to win one of five iPod Shuffles. Every completed CourseEval counts as one entry. A random winner will be chosen each day from Weds May 3 through Sun May 7. The optimal strategy to win an iPod is to have all your CourseEvals completed by noon Weds May 3.
To encourage you to fill out the evaluation, we're going to give you a point for completing it. See "Exercise 15" on the Exercise page.
5/1 M Section Section will be held in the lab this week.
Programming Contest The ACSU will host a programming contest on Saturday! Two person teams will pit their coding skills against each other. Bring a friend and join us in the fun.  Join the competition, or just stop by to check out the contest question.
   When: Saturday, April 29th, 2006 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
   Where: Upson 330 (Part of the CSUG Lab)
Free Pizza will be served to all participants.
4/27 R P6 Project 6 has been posted. Due 5/4 at 6pm.
- Remember to turn off DrJava's backup feature!
- You must adhere to the Code of Academic Integrity.
Final Exam Conflicts Please review your final exam schedule and inform Kelly if you have a conflict with the CS100M exam. Please provide your entire exam schedule for the exam period along with the course numbers. We must have this info by 3pm on Friday, April 28.