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(5/21) Final grade notes:

1. From the last day handout (the pink form):

You can look at your exam in Upson 303 during June 1 – August 1 or after the third week of classes during the fall semester.

Unless the course has a bearing on a May 1999 graduation, no final exam/final course grade retinking will take place till you have looked at your final exam and spot a problem.

2. The grade guidelines associated with the prelims were ROUGH grade guidelines. Dont make assumptions about +'s and -'s. And remember that the exams are not weighted uniformly:

Programming Assignments


Prelim 1



Prelim 2



Prelim 3



Final Exam



3. If you are worried that I didnt process your Pre 3 regrade, send email. All other regrade/ missing assignment issues are closed. There was more than enough time during the semester to have properly handled those problems.

4. The distribution of A's B's and C's in the course is very standard.



(5/19) Final Exam Scores:

95-100  xxxxxxxx
90-94   xxxxxxxxxxxx
85-89   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
80-84   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
75-79   xxxxxxxxxxxxx
70-74   xxxxxxxxx
65-69   xxxxxxx
60-64   xxxxx
55-59   xxxx
50-54   xxxxx
45-49   xx
40-44   xxxx
0-39    xxx
(Each "x" is about 5 students.)

Solution cannot be posted till friday because of make-ups that remain.

Grade posting in Carpenter MAYBE by the end of today, but certainly by thursday morning.