Cornell University Computer Science Department 
Distinguished Lecture Series
Fall 2001

CS709 Meets Thursdays at 4:15PM in B17 Upson unless otherwise indicated.

Sep 6 Christof Fetzer
AT&T Research
Host: Ken Birman
HEALERS: Tools For Increasing the Robustness of Systems.
Sep 13 Tom Reps
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Host: Greg Morrisett
Static Program Analysis via 3-Valued Logic
Sep 20 Shai Ben-David
University of Technion
Computational Learning Theory and the Tradeoff Between the Computational Complexity and Statistical Soundness
Sep 27 Panel Discussion on the Microsoft Case 

Presented by Computing Policy and Law, and the CS Department

"The Microsoft Case: Information Technology and a New Era of Antitrust Law?" 
Oct 4 Jeannette M. Wing
Host: Eva Tardos
Survivability Analysis of Networked Systems
Oct 11 Hod Lispon
Cornell University Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Host: Charles Van Loan
Evolutionary Computation and Evolutionary Robotics
Oct 18 Rustan Leino
Compaq Corporation
Host: Andrew Myers
Extended Static Checking for Java 
Oct 25 Usama Fayyad
digiMine Inc.
Host: Johannes Gehrke
Data Mining Evolved: Challenges, Applications and Future Trends
Nov 1 Paul Viola
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Host: Ramin Zabih
More Features Than Pixels: A Framework for Constructing Fast and Robust Visual Recognition Algorithms
Nov 9

Double Colloquium:
Jennifer Widom
-- Stanford
Alexander Aiken -- UC Berkeley
Host: Charles Van Loan

WIDOM- Topics in Databases (and some Nostalgia)

AIKEN- Lightweight Specifications through Type Qualifiers

Nov 15 Eli Upfal
Brown University
Host: Jon Kleinberg
On the Power of Universal Bases in Sequencing by Hybridization
Nov 29 Peter Druschel
Rice University
Host: Robbert Van Renesse
Scalable Peer-To-Peer Substrates: A New Foundation For Distributed Applications
Dec 6 No Colloquium due to postponement
Dec 13

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David McAllester
AT&T Research Labs
Host: Dexter Kozen


Learning Theory for Large Models

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