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Network Topology Discovery


    In large, constanly growing networks, it is difficult to tell how exactly the network is layed out. This is extremely important when making decisions to troubleshoot problems and add new hardware to an existing network. This document describes techniques to accurately determine the exact layout of a network using few assumptions about the network architecture and simple tools. Once we can get the layout, we use methods of simulation (another CNRG research area) to determine bottlenecks and hotspots in the network.

Domain Topology Discovery

    This page describes several techniques to determine the topology of a network within the domain.

Backbone Topology Discovery

    This page describes a technique to determine the topology of the backbone network. Currently work is being done to determine the Internet backbone's topology.

Network Statistics Discovery

    This page describes how to determine some statistics about a link or a router such as link bandwith, queuing delay, propogation delay, etc.


    This project is developed under the supervision of S. Keshav and Rosen Sharma. The people currently working in this project are (in alphabetical order) :

bulletRachit Siamwalla,

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