Bits On Our Minds 


March 6, 2002

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The Dept. of Computer Science and the School of  Electrical & Computer Engineering 


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3rd Floor Systems & UGLab  4th & 5th Floors Upson Hall

What is BOOM '02?

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2002 Listing of Projects

Sample Projects

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What is Bits On Our Minds '02? 

It's a fair that showcases student efforts and creativity in digital technology and applications. We will be using previous BOOM events as prototypes, but will be including many other disciplines throughout the University.  BOOM '02 is being held via two mediums--the web, and a poster session.  All projects are required to have a URL or an abstract giving a summary of the project.  If you have an exciting student project in this area, please use this great opportunity to show off your work. For more information, email:  
The BOOM '02 Committee will select outstanding projects for display in the Upson Hall 3rd floor display cases.

Submit a Project

Any Cornell student or group of students may enter a project. No faculty sponsorship is required. 

In order to submit a project a FORM* describing the title of each project must be submitted at our website. The projects will each be displayed by putting a description on the web and at an afternoon poster/demo session. One member of the team should be on hand at all times to describe the poster. It will be possible to bring in a computer to demonstrate the projects. 

Sample Projects

The project might be theoretical in nature or involve an interesting program.  It can be an interesting extension/enhancement of a project turned in for a course or the result of an independent research project.  Especially encouraged: A project that does not fall within the scope of any one course - e.g., a computer game that illustrates an interesting aspect of some course, a novel tool for the web, a new tool for generating art, ...
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